Games Can Improve Your Health

How Games Can Improve Your Health Condition!

All gamers know that at one point or another, playing too many games has caused them problems. Whether it be bad grades or less sleep, it had got gamers into some pretty serious troubles. But gaming is not an actually bad habit. It can help you to stay more fit, both mentally and physically. So before you get mad at your children for playing too many games, consider discussing these ways how games can improve your health condition!

Remember when you were asked not to watch too much television by your parents? New studies are showing that playing games can improve your eyesight! It might sound ridiculous, but a study which was conducted by Daphne Bavelier of the University of Rochester showed that playing action video games can improve your visual capability for tasks like reading.

Not just that, another study conducted by the University of Toronto shows that video games like Call of Duty and Assassin’s Creed can also improve your hand-eye coordination, which is crucial for many day-to-day tasks. One day, they might even be a part of eye treatment! Not asking you to play games a lot or to watch too much television, but everything has its good sides.

Attention difficulties is a major component of dyslexia. Gaming requires people to stay focused on the tasks in the game. So, after a study, it was shown that dyslexic people could read better after sessions of gaming! The main reason is that in games, the environments shifts fast and the players need to focus on their mission though there might be a change of environment. Autism is a very deadly disease. Now that studies have shown that one in sixty-eight American children have autism, autism is at a peak. Though there is no known cure for autism, some researchers are on a verge that playing video games can be of help to autistic people, especially the video games which takes advantage of motion controllers and other movement identifying tools.

Video games are sometimes said to cause depression, but they are also a sort of anti-depressant to many depressive people. Because depressive people tend to spend time by themselves and prefer only time, video games help them to ease their depression by engaging their mind in fun yet peaceful environment. Improved spatial attention is also another advantage that gamers enjoy. Gaming needs skilled awareness of multiple things at a single given scenario. This trains the players to become more aware of various things in real life too.

Games are also memory boosters. A recent study by the University of California shows that 3-D video games help in the development of hippocampus, the region of the brain which is associated with memory power. The memory increase in some persons is very high, even up to 12%! Nowadays, after the introduction of virtual reality, games which involve the whole body to be used are booming in the market.

Pokemon GO and other argument reality titles also require the player to move around often a lot which is some exercise for gamers, just a walk of forty-five minutes a day can prevent obesity! Gaming has now evolved from a sport designed for the lazy to an activity which provides so much health benefits. So, don’t hesitate next time when grabbing your controller because now you know that your favorite hobby is also a vigorous task.

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