Games are simply meant for fun. Games have goals that a player has to achieve to enjoy the game. There are very many types of games. Am is simply going to focus on board games. A board game is a table game that involves counters. These counters are placed on this board governed by a set of rules. Every game has its rules, and these rules have to be followed to achieve the objective of the match. These board games include Arkham Horror, Big and even mansion of madness. These board games have their rules and guidance that make it useful and very efficient while playing.


The following is a guidance of these board games. I have played Mom. This game is a great and enjoyable game to play. This game is long and complicated if you are not so conversant with this match. I once introduced a friend of mine to this game. For sure it was stress where up to now I consider it being a colossal mistake whereby he refused to play this game. My friend was a nongamer, and at first, I thought it would be fun.

A simple guidance for this game is that if you want to play a game with a nongame, it is best you explain to your friend about this game before you start playing. If you don’t account for this game to your opponents, who does not understand this game he/she is going to be confused not getting what to do and what they should do. Games always work better if you have an understanding of what the games are all about and the mechanics associated with the match.

Arkham Horror is also my best board games. This game is my all favorites, but my simple guidance for this game is that it has a lot of rules. Rules are the basic guidelines that govern a particular match. If you don’t understand the norms of the game, then you should not play the game. Rules make the game interesting and fun. For Arkham, it has many learning curves that you should understand so if you simply can’t get it these learning curves then you should not play this game because it will end up annoying you.

For Big which I have not played before I hear is made of tough rules which are so many and have to be followed to the latter. It’s becomes complicated the new board gamer. If you need to play BSG with your friends before you begin the game it is better to give your friends a quick overview of the game modes of rule and [play so that your friends won’t get bored or start counting stars. Failure to do this will end up making your friend hate this game.

In conclusion, a simple guidance for this game is that these games are complicated if you don’t understand the rules and guidelines of this match.

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