Things That Make You Love And Hate Games

The games are invented to entertain the players or the watchers, so there are five things that we love and five things that we hate about them. Let’s start with the things that make the games lovable:

1. The games can reduce stress and makes us happy.It is scientifically proven that games can reduce stress. When you play a game, you forget about all the things that bother you. They don’t just release the stress but also can make you happier because they increase the dopamine in your body.

2.Playing games can be educative.There are a lot of invented games to educate people. For example, in school, the teachers are using techniques which combine learning with playing. The best way to learn something new is when you are entertaining yourself.

3.Gaming can slow the aging process.No one wants to get old, right? It’s proven that games can slow the aging process because you train your body, your brain, your eyesight and keep them in shape by playing different kinds of games.

4.Games could lead you to other worlds.Just like reading, the video games could lead you to other worlds. When you watch a great movie, you want to replace the main character and feel the movie by yourself. Well, the games give you this opportunity.

5.It’s a great way to exercise.You want to keep your body in shape, but the fitness is boring to you? Playing football, basketball, and many other physical activity sports could be fun and also a good way of keeping your body in shape.

Although we love playing games, they, like everything, have a darker side that makes us hate them:

1.Some games are commercialized.As we know, the purpose of the games is to be fun and to entertain us, but unfortunately, there are many games which became sold. Their goal is not to be fun, but to earn money.

2.Sometimes you get angry when you lose.No matter how good you are in a game, there is a part where you’re wasting. Although the losing is a part of the game, sometimes you piss off and get furious.

3.Games are expensive.What we hate about games is that they are expensive. Going to a football match is expensive, buying a new video game is also very expensive. If you are not very financially stable, this may be a big problem for you.

4.We can’t play 24/7.If you addict to a game, it can be awful. There are cases in which people get so addicted to a match that they forget about the real world around them. We all want to play as much as possible but we shouldn’t get addicted.

5.Playing too much could damage your eyesightAlthough it’s proven that playing games is good for your vision, overplaying could damage it severely.

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